Dr. med. dent. Farhud Mortazavi

As a son of Persian parents, I was born in Munich. After studying dentistry at the University of Regensburg, I received my doctorate there in 1995 in the Department of Dental Conservation and Periodontology on the subject of “Aesthetic Restorative Materials”. This also laid the foundation for my current passion for highly aesthetic restorations.

In 1996 I returned to Munich and two years later founded the private practice for dentistry in the Brienner Straße with two other colleagues. In 2005 my friend of many years, Dr. Alavi, completed our team. In 2013 I finally moved to my current practice in the Residenzstraße.

The greatest compliment for me is when you fall asleep from relaxation during the treatment. And if at the end you say that you can’t see any difference from your natural teeth, then I have achieved my goal.

One of my priorities is to do everything possible to give you a more beautiful and younger smile. I am a member of Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ästhetische Zahnheilkunde e.V. (German Society for Aesthetic Dentistry). (DGAEZ), a certified user of Invisalign and a member of the German Academy for Acupuncture e.V.

In my spare time, I dedicate myself to fine-art photography.

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