The importance of a real bite is often only made clear when painful symptoms such as headaches or migraines, tension, neck and back pain or even tinnitus become noticeable. Usually these symptoms are not immediately attributed to a false bite, but treated separately – but without the desired effect – because the trigger may be a disturbed interaction between the upper and lower jaw. However, the malposition itself does not trigger the pain, but only the resulting tension in the head, face and masticatory muscles.

Good Diagnostics

A misalignment of the jaw or even individual teeth can disturb the sensitive system just as much as strongly eroded teeth or poorly fitting dentures. Complaints in this area are called cranio-mandibular dysfunction (CMD).

In order to be able to treat this pain, very precise diagnostics with appropriate functional therapy is the method of choice. In these cases we work closely together with specialized physiotherapists.

Fast therapy

In the case of cranio-mandibular dysfunction (CMD), very strong forces act on fillings, dental prostheses or veneers. This can significantly reduce the durability of dental restorations. In order to prevent this and also to minimize the pain as quickly as possible, we initiate a comprehensive therapy as soon as possible. For example, ear acupuncture can be used here as a supportive treatment, especially for acute complaints.

Only detailed and very careful functional diagnostics guarantee the long-term success of the various options available to us for therapy.

By the way: About 25 percent of the population suffer from CMD – mostly undetected.