Function and aesthetics complement each other perfectly because when fillings and dentures integrate harmoniously into the overall appearance, they are usually designed and positioned correctly. With ceramic solutions, we can offer you optically perfect fillings and highly aesthetic dental prostheses.

composite fillings

For smaller damages we use composite. This material is a plastic that has very good aesthetics and can, therefore, be integrated inconspicuously into the existing tooth situation.

Composite fillings have a great advantage: they are placed in the mouth in just one session – layer by layer. Composite forms a firm bond with the tooth and thus provides a secure hold.

Ceramic inlays and onlays

For all-ceramic restorations, we apply the principle of bio-mimetics. This means that we copy the natural intact tooth not only optically, but also in its function, mechanics and biology. The tooth regains its biomechanical properties through an elaborate bonding technique when inserting the ceramic inlays or onlays.
Ceramic inlays or onlays are the most aesthetically pleasing treatment option. They are the most demanding treatment alternative from both a dental and a dental technical point of view.

Case 1
extensive plastic fillings requiring renewal
Case 1
after supply with ceramic onlays

Ceramic crowns

Very often, heavily damaged teeth can no longer be preserved by fillings. In these cases, an all-ceramic crown is the method of choice.

A crown covers the remaining tooth substance. It is designed so that the crown margin is adjacent to the gum margin. This enables an aesthetically pleasing tooth restoration even in the case of major tooth damage.